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Pay Per Click Promotion

Pay Per Click Promotion

Creating a website and publishing it on the internet is just a fundamental step in internet business. Reaching the masses and grabbing the attention of one and all is the final goal. This goal can be achieved faster by employing a marketing technique called PPC (Pay per Click). It is one of the most popular and far reaching advertising techniques on the internet. The ads are placed close to the search results where an advertiser pays an amount to visitors whenever they click on these. In its true essence PPC is all about buying or bidding for the top position on search listings. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, and etc offer PPC services.

PPC marketing provides a quick and cheap alternative to the SEO because SEO needs a complete process from modifying the web contents to keeping track of the changing keyword rankings. PPC helps you in understanding and analyzing your business before investing in quality SEO services. Hence the Google Adwords campaign has proved a boon in PPC advertising. A well defined Adwords campaign can attract a huge number of web users.


The main advantage of using the Google Adwords campaign is that you don’t need huge sums and still your business can grow to great lengths. Google Adwords gives its client the freedom to choose every aspect of the campaign like the position of ad in the search listing, calculated and comfortable budgets and also measurement of the impact of the ads.

The other benefits include:-
Reaching people at precise moments: Your ad is displayed to people who are searching the products which you also offer. This can be further refined based on the geographical areas.

Control your budget: You are charged only when someone clicks your ad and not otherwise. Also the amount can be changed on a daily basis.

Speed: The Google Adwords starts attracting traffic as soon as it goes live on internet.

Freedom to design and express: you can create your own ads and also have a customized message that you want to display.

Reports: A detailed report can be generated on the impact of your ad, number of customers their regions etc for future planning.

Our Role in your Success

  • Setting an account: The clients wishing to use the Google Adwords campaign needs to have an account, we help them getting one.

  • Getting the right keywords: We help our clients in generating a complete list of keywords which will attract attention.

  • Creative Ads: Our expert ad makers design creative ads keeping our clients services in mind.

  • Cost per click analysis: we help our clients in the CPC which in turn helps them in defining their budgets.

  • Optimizing the accounts: We optimize our clients account(s) for extracting the most of it.

  • Keep Track of ads: Our trained professionals keep a track of the traffic on your ads.

Our team of expert specialize PPC advertisement management and always come up with the most profitable and innovative solutions for our clients.

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Pay Per Click Promotion
Pay Per Click Promotion
Pay Per Click Promotion
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10 Keywords 15 Keywords 25 Keywords
6 Months Rs. 36,000 Rs. 54,000 Rs. 72,000
12 Months Rs. 68,000 Rs. 80,000 Rs. 98,000
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Terms of Campaign :

  1. 50% Payment has to be made in advance*
  2. Your campaign will appear within 24 Hours
  3. Pay-Per-Click charges are included in the above rates
  4. Campaign will remain ON from Monday to Friday (9AM - 7PM) in Business Hours
  5. Campaign Report (Summarised) will be provided at the beginning of every month

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We also do Monthly Budget Based Campaigns. 
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