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Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

A business without proper marketing is like a runner without legs. Hence for a business to prosper it needs to be backed by some innovative and aggressive marketing. This can be done in two ways: attract people towards your service (SEO) or advertise where there is traffic. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a perfect example of the latter. Traditionally search engines were the only option of pulling huge traffic towards your service but with the foray of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the definition of marketing strategies has completely changed. SMO can guarantee viewing of ads by large amount of people, strong community buildup, buzz among masses, etc just to name a few.

Advertising platforms in SMO

As mentioned above Twitter and Facebook are considered the best platforms for SMO. On more practical grounds twitter is falling behind in the race. This is mainly because the limitations of words and its exact use. Facebook on other hand gives lot of freedom to its user in variety of way say: uploading pictures, likes, sharing etc. Blogs, RSS feed etc also have lot of potential.

Are these Qualities enough from the Marketing point of view?

Let’s read a few numbers and stats-

  • The monthly active users now totals up to 901million (up from 680 million a year ago).
  • One in every 8 people has a Facebook account.
  • Daily active users are up to 526 million (up from 372 million last year).
  • Monthly mobile user now totals 488 million.
  • 83 million monthly active users accessed Facebook solely from mobile in the month ending of March 31, 2012.
  • 300 million photos upload daily on an average basis.
  • Hosts 42million ‘Pages’ with 10 or more likes.
  • 3.2 billion ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ are posted daily.

Now these are staggering number of users. Imagine targeting so many people at one go can do wonders to your business. With population of 7 billion on the planet there is still room for expansion. When you place your ads you guarantee yourself huge crowd who will go through your ads at least once. Top it up with the sharing qualities it will hardly miss anybodies notice.

Is Facebook advertising better than SEO?

Facebook advertising is more proactive method where your ad is constantly under his glance.

Super Targeting: - You can target people belonging to different segments say age group, interests, types, etc or you can target them as a whole.

Local stronghold: - if you are a small business you can target people only from your local area. This will give you a stronghold on local market.

Analyze Reach: - when you design your ad you get a rough idea about the possible reach of your advertisement. This will help you make a strong business strategy.

Snowball effect: - when someone like or shares your ad it is displayed on the common news feed which is seen by many other users. Hence it sets up a chain reaction or a snowball effect which can propel your business.

In short Facebook adds new concepts of demographics and ads to the already existing qualities like keyword search and locality based marketing.

Any other types of SMO?

When the user is looking for something similar to the service provided by the client, only then he is shown your ad not otherwise. One more important medium of a SMO is the Blogs, RSS feeds, commenting on others blogs, participating in the discussion forums, etc. All these activities are very effective from the self advertising perspective. The more your stay social the more successful you will get. Make your own blogs and distribute the URL on other social networking sites. Comment on others blog so that you can attract his visitors also. Participating in the discussion forums will give you an opportunity to invite more visitors.


  1. Better and increased link ability.
  2. Better in bound links.
  3. Encourage mash up by “YouTube” embedding and RSS feeds.
  4. Analyze the target audience.
  5. Create creative contents.
  6. Develop a strong and foolproof SMO strategy for your business.
  7. Incorporate SMO in your business plans and strategy.
  8. Branding and visibility
  9. User engagement.
  10. Viral promotion
  11. Social content promotion.
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Facebook Promotion
Facebook Promotion
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