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Over the last few years internet has turned out to be a perfect promotion and marketing platform. With the internet spreading far and wide at an exceptional pace, video promotion is also riding on its back. Video promotion is the latest inclusion in the already available wide variety of options over the internet. Video promotion is also known as video marketing and is able to reach more potential customers in a highly effective manner. For example, YouTube is one of the fastest growing video promotion techniques. YouTube has been a revelation to the world of video promotion with such a huge user following.

Why Video Promotion?

Today SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMO (social media Optimization) is prevalent everywhere but video optimization has its own advantages. The use of both visual and sound effects makes it comparatively easy to grab a user’s attention. Video promotion helps a business house in promoting their services in a more creative and intriguing way. A study shows that out of the 69% of user viewing video ads, about 40% visited the sites and about 15% requested more information. Good video creates a healthy awareness in the market about your services and the effect is passed on others as well.

Why YouTube?

YouTube from its inception has been one of the strongest medium of expression of thoughts and creativity. We will understand better when we read the following numbers.

  1. One hour of video is uploaded on YouTube every second.
  2. Over 4 billion videos are viewed in a single day.
  3. Over 800 million unique users visit each month.
  4. YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages.
  5. In 2011 YouTube had more than 1 trillion views.

You can never get so much of users at one single space to promote and advertise your services.

Is YouTube the only way?

YouTube is obviously not the only option. But yes it is the most effective and far reaching medium. You can make your videos and upload it on the home page of your website. This video can be an introductory video, welcoming video, informative video, promotional video etc. Videos on the website can give the users a more dynamic feeling and can also have a lasting effect on the visitors. You can also upload responses from other customers which will increase trust factor among the new visitors. You can have collection of videos on a particular site and mention the URL on your website directing them to the corresponding site. The options are limitless in the video promotion.

Benefits of Video Promotion

  • More efficient in garnering all the attention of the customers.
  • You can show all the positives of your product in a video of couple of minutes, which was not possible with the traditional methods.
  • You can show the benefits of your product, a sample, its affordability, etc. You can create your video targeting only a category of user or all of the users.
  • A huge number of user and probably potential customers.
  • You don’t have to keep updating your videos time after time. It’s cheap and affordable. Even with very low budget and high creativity you can create an efficient video to promote your service.
  • You can create your own series of “How to” depending on the type of service you offer.
  • Reaches more number of users in very short span of time.

Our Role in your Success

We have a team of experts who are not only hardworking but very creative in the field of video promotion. We fully understand the client and draw out the best possible ideas in terms of videos and pictures. Our results have been proved by the YouTube advertising insight and statistics. Bad habits are not easy to get rid off and delivering the best is one such habit of ours.


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